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Friday, April 15, 2005


321 Kilburn High Road

Cookies & Cream

From the street, the window display of this café lures and beckons lovingly to you with their bewitching stacks of colourful carbohydrate laden wares. Inside, they have further cakes in oblong shapes inside the counter. They also serve hot drinks and the like, but it’s all self-service. It’s not the biggest or cosiest of places, even though they do have a few chairs and tables downstairs. The chairs are quite cold and unforgiving. Maybe they don’t want people to stay too long, to make room for another batch of customers? Who knows. Maybe the furniture was just cheaper to buy.

The only problem with the cakes in the glass counter is that there are no signs labelling what exactly they are. And there are a lot of them. This is where the person serving at the counter did not help. He looked bored and exasperated whenever you were forced to say “Wat dat?” like an annoying two year old child. You have to know your choices right? I got the tiramisu…a boring choice I know, especially when you’re surrounded by potentially more luscious, creamy lethal concoctions. But he was giving me attitude and wanted me to decide quickly…so I did obligingly. The tiramisu was pretty good...not the best I've had...but I certainly enjoyed it. One of my friends had what looked like an ordinary sponge cake with jam and cream layering. The other had something which I can’t quite remember…I will ask her. The café mocha I had was good. Nothing can go too wrong in the drinks department.

Cookies & Cream - cakes

After an hour or two debating the ins and outs of children disposal (not my choice of conversation), I ventured down to the loo. To my pleasant surprise the toilet cover had eye-dazzling gold glitter within its perspex shell – a very glamorous touch. On closer inspection, I was horrified to see urine stains and pubic hair on the toilet seat – cleverly camouflaged amongst the gold glitter. There are many times a woman should hover. Hover I did.

To sum up, it’s a good place to unwind, but maybe not linger. I wouldn’t actively seek this place out to chill, but if I was in the neighbourhood and in need of a sugar rush, I’d look no further. But please….label your cakes…how are people supposed to know?


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