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Thursday, April 28, 2005


The Lovely Helen

Don’t let me drink on an empty stomach. I did one day after work and started promoting this website faster than a dog can shag on heat. I might as well have been handed a pedestal, Power Point and laser pointer. Don’t know why I haven’t told anyone at work up till then. To maintain professional integrity? (Apparently I don’t have any anyways…according to Marie – thanks mate).

Helen, a good mate, happened to be there at the pub. Her main claim to fame is having completed the London Marathon this year. Her time? I’ll let her tell you that…don’t wanna get it wrong (did ya stop to pee?). When she heard about this little foray into the culinary world, she immediately grabbed a paper and pen and began scribbling furiously. It was scary. Never seen her work so hard. Anyway, here are the restaurants she SWEARS by. Most of them anyway. Visit them and see what you think. I know I’ll be trying some. If they suck, tell me and I’ll send you her mobile number and email address. We’ll taunt her together.

89 Regent’s Park Road, London. NW1 8UY
Nearest Tube: Chalk Farm

18-23 Charlotte Street. London. W1T 1RL
Nearest Tube: Goodge Street

BENIHAMA (Japanese-style hibachi steakhouses – or teppanyaki)
77 King’s Road, Chelsea. SW3 4NX
Nearest Tube: Sloane Square

DimT CAFÉ (Chinese Dim Sum served on a trolley)
3 Heath Street. Hampstead. NW3 6PT
Nearest Tube: Hampstead

BOMBAY PALACE (Indian, what else?)
50 Connaught Street, London. W2 2AA.
Nearest tube: Edgeware Rd

THE PAINTED HERON (Gastropub? No…it’s Indian)
112 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea. SW10 0DJ
Nearest Tube: South Kensington

MAROUSH (Lebanese)
21 Edgeware Road, London. W2 2JE
Nearest tube: Marble Arch

AXIS RESTAURANT & BAR (modern British)
1 Aldwych, London. WC2B 4RH
Nearest tube: Holborn

1 Poultry, London. EC2R 8EJ
Nearest Tube: Mansion House

3 Maddox Street. London. W1S 2QB
Nearest Tube: Oxford Circus

Cheers Helen. We’ll miss you when you shift to Oxford – but then again, we’ll probably visit you for some grub.


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Anonymous The Man...apparently said...

Oh my god, your friend Helen is a know what they say about rabbits? hehehe...

12:32 am

Blogger Culinary Hag said...

No what do they say about Rabbits?? I only know about their reproductive status


12:14 pm


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