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Sunday, May 08, 2005


189 Munster Road
Fulham SW6 6AW
Nearest Tube: Putney Bridge / Parsons Green
Tel: 020 7381 2344

19 Strutton Ground
Victoria SW1P 2HY
Nearest Tube: St James Park
Tel: 020 7222 5429


After a month of eating (all in the name of research of course), our poor bodies needed a break. The Man’s got gout and has got a belly (and the pregnant glow that goes with it), Prince Consort is getting a wee belly and both Culinary Hags are needing to work harder at the gym. With a 10 km run in June, we needed a food break – but in the form of a healthy and holistic alternative.

Plum is a little café, tucked away on Munster Road in Fulham and known only to the locals. Its laid back atmosphere and comfy furniture is the ideal place to sit and fritter a few hours away on a lazy Sunday. So after a good morning session at the gym, the decision to head to Plum was an easy one. After all, we all (both Hags and their plus ones) wanted to prolong that little nugget of goodness and healthiness we felt for a little longer. It was also our luck that on the day we paid a visit, it was a lovely day –the sky was blue, dotted with white balls of fluffiness.
For those newbies at Plum, there are three huge Perspex boards filled with the scrumptious offerings from the kitchen. They offer a variety of salads, toasted sandwiches, bagels and a very yummy selection of cakes and biscuits (although these are limited). At the till where you place your order, there are a couple of smaller Perspex boards with the drinks selections – from the typical coffees to an array of fruit smoothies and freshly squeezed juice combos

Myself and the Man, having being veterans at Plum were quick off the mark and headed straight to the till to order our lunch. The Man’s favourite food in the world is Plum’s take on the lovely tuna salad – niçoise salad (£3.20 – extra £0.95 for a larger portion). He can’t ever get enough of it and if it were left up to him, we’d be having this for lunch and dinner every day.

Nicoise salad

Today was no exception to all the other times – it was fantastic. The fresh crunchy green beans, with fresh greens, olives and a generous portion of tuna in a light vinaigrette (with just the perfect tang) definitely did it for the Man. A taste test by myself confirmed that it was as good as the Man claimed. For myself, I opted for the Red Pesto pasta salad – a delicious combination of shredded chicken, pasta, olives and sliced sundried tomato bits tossed in a fragrant red pesto dressing.

Red pesto pasta salad

The picture above shows the bowl filled with the lovely red pesto pasta but what you can’t see is that at the bottom of the bowl its packed with chunks of chopped cucumber, tomato and soft butterhead lettuce (none of that cheap iceberg over here!). All the salads from Plum is served with two slices of toasted ciabatta and drizzled with olive oil. Extra delicious and filling. In the end, the meal for two of us including a coffee, freshly squeezed juice and a Danish (the man was exceptionally hungry and also felt that he could afford the extra calories) came to a whopping £13.20. Not too shabby indeed.

Her Royal Hagness and the Prince Consort were also along for the healthy meal option. Her Royal hagness was feeling like a meat free meal so opted for the Goat Cheese and cous cous salad.

Goat Cheese and cous cous salad

She was completely satisfied with it and had to defend her salad from the unwanted advances from the Prince consort. The Prince himself settled on a Club salad and it looked fantastic. Crisp pieces of bacon and chicken lay seductively on a bed of pasta – enough to tempt the most fussy eater.

Club Salad

At the end of the day, the damage to our wallets and bodies was minimal and a relaxing afternoon was had by all. It’s a perfect place to sit and relax with the paper at any time of the day and get a decent feed. Considering that Plum hasn’t got a proper kitchen with a hob, just a few sandwich toasters the end result is tremendous. It’s a definitely a testament to the establishment and their approach with the freshness of the ingredients to produce the high quality food each time.


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Kick arse review!! You've done Plum justice. I lurve the salads and juices here. Maybe we should have kept it to ourselves!!!

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