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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


255 Devonshire St, Surry Hills. Sydney

Website: The Book Kitchen


Not a unique concept to have a café/restaurant with cookery books available for perusing or buying. But this establishment chooses to use organic and free-range products whenever they can.

To quote from their website: “The The Book Kitchen is the result of passionate chefs travelling the world experiencing culinary delights when and wherever possible. David Campbell worked for Tetsuya in London and transferred to the US to continue the concept for Millennium Hotels. After experiencing in New York how restaurant menus can be so produce driven, David knew it was time to start sharing his passion with fellow foodies. Time in London and Europe showed just how much Australians miss out on food literature. Not just cookbooks but novels, reference guides, photographic journals, foreign language books and professional texts. We have sourced bio-dynamic eggs from Havago farm in Oberon, use Country Valley organic milk in our coffee, use line caught fish and other ecologically sustainable produce.”


We sauntered over here for a casual Sunday brunch – yes it was nearing 3pm, but our minds and stomachs were hankering for some brunch. Nothing like it. Sipping on your café latte, casually flicking through the Sunday paper – the essence of which is – you have all the time in the world. No rush. No muss.

You can see from their website their extensive and impressive menu that you’re spoilt for choice.

I choose the Spanish style baked eggs, with tomato, capsicum, smoked paprika and oregano on a slice of thick organic bread. A substantial meal bursting with flavour.

Spanish eggs

Mum choose the perfectly poached eggs on a very thick piece of heaven-sent multi-grain bread.

Poached eggs

Dad picked the egg and bacon roll with roast tomato chutney. Could be the best egg and bacon roll I have ever had. It was so good, I had half of it. The roast tomato chutney definitely gave it the edge.

Bacon and egg roll

Over our coffees, we couldn’t resist a thick slice of their chocolate and macadamia nut cake. Moist, dense with a semolina like texture with the crunch of the fresh nuts. Not too sweet as well. Just heavenly.

Chocolate and macadamia nut cake

I highly recommend this place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just be careful that you don’t spill anything on their books. My dad spilt red wine on two books last time. Now we’re the proud owners of the ‘River Café Cook Book Easy’ by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers and ‘Shane Osborn’s Starters’.


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Hi, I didnt know Tetsuya was in London??

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