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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


98 Haberfield Ramsay St
Haberfield. Sydney.



We took Perth Haggers here to this wonderful Italian restaurant. Previously people have complained about the slow service, but I am happy to say that this wasn't the case on the two occasions I have been.

For starters, the salt and pepper calamari serving came out like a full course. It was massive. Tasty but the coating was a little limp and moist.

Salt and pepper calamari

The garlic prawns were a hit. Infused into every pore of the fresh, crunchy prawns was the wonderful garlic taste (do prawns have pores?).

Garlic prawns

Perth Haggers had the scallop and pumpkin rissoto. She described it as perfect and creamy with generous large pieces of scallop and pumpkin. Even so, she struggled to finish it. Can you imagine that? Even the mighty Perth Hag actually struggled to finish her food. She blamed it on the wonderful freshly baked crusty bread served with the starters.

Scallop rissoto

Both my parents had the pan-fried veal which came ladden with vegetables and three whole pieces of tender veal. Everyone had trouble finishing it but declared it a triumph.


I also, opted for a very traditionl dish. Tender, melt in your mouth veal with eggplant and mozzarella and a tomato base. Divine.

Veal with eggplant and mozarella

We had promised ourselves from the beginning that we must have dessert. The restaurant at the front has a very enticing cake, pastry and gelato display. I'll have to be ultra-lazy here and refer you to Pinkcocoa Tabetai's website, a food blogger from Sydney who has better dessert pics than I have. Thanks Pinkcocoa! We were in danger of vomit regurg so we settled on three flavours of gelato - hazelnut, bacci and stachitella (can't spell that last one). Miraculously our vomit warning level was increased and we found it very easy to digest the wonderful gelato. Funny that.



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