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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sienna Marina

Shop 6, 7-41 Cowper Wharf Road. Woolloomooloo. Sydney

Telephone: 02 93586299

How many 'O's' in Woolloomooloo? Yes, that's right - eight. Remember that.

Down the road from Harry's Cafe De' Wheels (practically an Aussie icon synoymous with meat pies and hot dogs) lies this restaurant. Across the road is the ultra-modern, glamourous hotel simply called "W". It houses the Woolloomooloo Wharf which comprises of a whole string of restaurants offering alfresco dining with stunning views across the marina to the city.

On a Saturday brunchtime after a relaxing stroll through the Botannical Gardens we were disappointed to find most of the restaurant packed to the rafters with locals with more foresight than us. Dejected we wandered across the road to Sienna Marina.

A restaurant offering mainly Italian food - pastas, pizzas (the usual flavours and gourmet) and the like. We were pleasantly surprised when it arrived.

Chilli garlic prawn pizza was a hit. The prawns were large, fresh and not over-cooked. You must wrap your tastebuds around these.

Prawn and chilli pizza

The pancetta, rocket and parmesan pizza was a little disappointing - too salty.
Pancetta, rocket and parmesan pizza

The chicken salad was average.

Chicken salad

The preparation of the calamari rocket salad was a twist from the usual. More like the salt and pepper squid of chinese restaurants. Nevertheless, worked quite well.

Squid and rocket salad

Will have to come back again and try their other pizzas and pastas. Trade off, I guess is that there is no glamourous marina view to cast your eyes fondly over. But what the hey.



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