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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Thanh Binh

52a John St
Cabramatta. Sydney.

Shop front

Cabramatta has grown enormously over the past 10 years. Known for its massive Vietnamese community and unfortunately, for the violence of its gangs.

You can't miss a bowl of good Pho...all you have to do is swing a cat on a short string in a horizontal plane...and you're guaranteed to score yourself a place. On this occasion we ventured into Thanh Binh. I didn't used to go here for Pho - usually go to Pho 54. But Perth Hag wanted to try out Thanh Binh's stewed duck egg noodle. In the past, Thanh Binh was famous for it.


Alas, Perth Hag's highly trained gustatory senses did not think much of the duck noodles. "Soup isn't herby enough. Perth has better" she said. So there you go. Off to Perth you go...

Duck egg noodles

I on the other hand order the trusty Pho Tai. Exactly how I wanted it to be and very satisfying. I think you can't go wrong with most restaurants in Cabramatta for Pho - they all seem to be of the same standard.

Pho Tai

After we gandered over to the now reduced BKK supermarket. Now it's not so super and is just a market. We went over to the Laotian sweet stall and scored these goodies. Sorry, I don't know what they are called but believe me, all are delicious and cholesterol ridden. All seem to have a thick lashing of coconut cream on top.

Laotian sweets

These were prettily wrapped in banana leaves. One was a taro based dessert with coconut cream on top. The other was green sticky rice - sweet and coconuty taste. Both I would definitely have again.
Loatian sweets


We meandered down the streets and multiple alleyways some more, oohing and arrhing at the many seafood, sweets, fruit and vege stalls - and believe me there are heaps. Feeling a bit parched from all the MSG earlier we had some freshly squeezed or pulped sugar cane juice. Always refreshing.

Sugar cane juicer

You definitely need more than a day to appreciate Cabramatta and the food it has to offer. I reckon you need a good year to sample the many other delicacies it has to offer. Sigh, I only wish London had somewhere like this.

Food galore

More sweets



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