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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Salutations to all from Sydney. Finally have some time to put up some blogs. As usual with my family, the main focus is on eating…and eating well. An ageless ritual steeped in tradition. Don’t really have time to do in-depths reviews, but will just give you the gist of things.

Dining out in Sydney, over the years, ever since the 2000 Olympics has become quite an expensive affair. Thank god I can divide by two and a half from the mighty Pound. It is quite usual to have a main course for about $15-25 at your average restaurant. Dollar for dollar, pound for pound – just imagine the burn in your pocket.

But while it may not come cheaply, it more than makes up in the freshness and variety of ingredients and the remarkable ingenuity of its chefs. I have to say, compared to London – Sydney wins hands down. From the humble local café to the biggest restaurant names – eating experiences never fails to stun my senses. Melbonnites and Perthians are welcome to argue. But I think we can all agree that Aussies do it best. We practically invented the BYO culture. No more forcing to fork out for marked-up restaurant wines that you think you may like.

Look out for coming reviews. It will muck up the “Culinary Hags in London” bit…but at least it’s something to keep the blogging going.



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