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Sunday, November 13, 2005

"There is no failure except in no longer trying." ~Elbert Hubbard

Sigh. Well bend us over and slap us silly.

I know I know. We have been exceptionally slack. We’ve made promises till we’ve turned blue on how this website was going to be updated at least weekly. Boy have we slipped through the cracks. God what I am saying. Not only have we slipped through the cracks, we have managed to conceptualise a fissure, yelled “Yipee, wot is this now?” and have plummeted unwittingly into a cavernous fault-line.

Now if either of us were blessed with “over-the shoulder-boulder-holders” ie. big boobs, we could:

a) Don a slinky “toight” outfit, lean over enticingly sandwiching our “assets” with our upper arms and simper ever so sweetly, “I’m sooo sorry, how could you ever forgive us?” OR
b) Just bend over

But alas, neither of us are blessed in that arena or planning a lifetime of faecal incontinence.

So pathetically, I can only list the reasons for our absence:

1) Blood sweat and tears are being shed for the Run London programme. We figure this is the most motivating way to get into shape for an impending wedding and to pass a mum’s critical eye test (A poor fat bastard’s last ditch attempt to fool his mum into thinking he is a fit trim running machine on an annual trip back to Perth- his words, not mine). We’re deadly serious about this too. Ran the 10km successfully in Hyde Park and plan to leg it for the 5km soon!
2) Shopping – should be fun, but maybe not so when you’re scrambling for wedding attire.
3) Dance classes – for the dreaded First Dance
4) Lack of internet connection. The Other Hag’s excuse. But no longer.
5) Work – yada yada yada….

After not blogging for 2 months, I honestly believed, hand on my heart, that the number of people visiting our site would have fizzled out. To my utter amazement, people have been paying us a visit more than ever. A few pictures on the site have gone awol, but other than that…no one seemed to have noticed our absence. (Maybe the key here is not to blog at all?)

To my dismay however, The Other Hag and I have missed out on a great event organised by Sam of Becks and Posh (hope Fred is feeling much better). She was visiting London all the way from the good ol’ USA and had organised all the English food bloggers to get together on the 5th Nov at Gordon’s Wine Bar. Sigh. Just a tad shy too late. Sorry! But thank you for the invite. Will definitely try to make it next time you guys meet up.

So I will leave you with that. The Other Hag and I will try to desperately amend our ways. Thank you to those who sporadically check to see if we’re still alive and functional.

Much love...HRH


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