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Sunday, December 04, 2005

King's Arms (Revisited)

This Other Hag has a confession to make – its hard to bash out new reviews when ones keeps revisiting the local favourites. Well, we haven't really been back to King's arms that often but believe me, with the number of times the intention was there and the old saying about good intentions – our path to hell is clearly marked! Our previous review in May raved about this hidden gem which is seems to still be our local secret.

The King's Arms, although slightly awkward to get to, is your harmless local Young's pub with a difference – the food. Our last visit was certainly no exception to the previous visits – exceptional food, good service with a fantastic price. What more could one ask for? And we've got better news for the fans of Kings Arms. Previously we reported that the main kitchen was closed for weekends – wait for this – they now do a full menu on Sunday, including a Sunday roast.

Since our last visit, the menu has developed and I think that the kitchen has found its rhythm a little more. They offer a simple menu with a limited number of starters and mains as well as a daily specials menu. Normally, it doesn't take too long to choose with such a limited number of choices but it was proving difficult to choose last night. On offer was the prawns and mussels risotto served with bok choi tempura. Equally tempting was the homemade Tuscan sausage and mash on offer. What about the Lamb three ways – shoulder roast served with mash, shepherd's pie and grilled rack lamb with aubergine? God – what a dilemma! With these mains on offer ranging from $8 to £11, its such a local's delight that I'm almost loathe to share this find.

Well, after much deliberation (whilst munching on the complimentary fresh baked raisin & walnut bread, ciabatta AND vegetable crisps – and I wondered why I didn't need starters!) the prawn and mussel risotto was my choice. The unusual golden bok choi tempura sitting on a silken bed of rice with generous pepperings of prawns and mussels was definitely a winner. This dish was definitely as delicious as it looked and it definitely looked sensational. With a portion that is large enough for a healthy appetite - even the Bottomless Pit couldn't finish, its quite worth the £8 by London standards.

Prawn and mussel risotto with bok choi tempura

The Man fell for the Lamb three ways as it sounded irresistible – 3 ways of lamb on a cold winter's night. Divine – tender lamb, cleverly and beautifully presented, it was too good to be true.

Lamb three ways

Head down to the King's Arms now before word gets out.

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