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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


311-313 Fulham Road, London SW10 9QH
Tel: 020 7352 0088 (no bookings available)

Opening Times:
Mon - Fri 12 noon - 12 midnight
Sat 11am - 12 midnight.
Sun 11am - 11pm

Nearest tube: Gloucster Road (or Bus 14 towards Chelsea from Fulham Broadway)

Average per head (for breakfast) = £12 including service

Table settings

Sophie's Steakhouse in Chelsea is somewhat of a local institution. Local Fulhamites flock for its famous steaks (hung for 28 days no less) and with its no booking policy, its accessible to all that are prepared to wait it out. But given its reputation, is the food really up to scratch? Us Culinary Hags give it our collective 4 thumbs up.

Sophie's isn't too intimidating, despite all the yummy mummies and beautiful Chelsea set. The bare brick walls and naked lightbulbs hanging over your heads, it gives off a modern warehouse-y feel which is relaxed and welcoming. On this particular occasion, it was a late brunch we were after - one of our pre-race meals. Yes, due to all this eating both Hags and their growing other halves were participating in another of Nike's Run London 5km race. Anyways, we digress. Outside Sophie's blackboards were tempting us with their offer of an Enligh breakfast for £8.95 with tea or coffee and we couldn't resist. Luckily, our wait was only 10 minutes - enough time to whip the appetite into a frenzy. No dallying around - four english breakfasts with a different assortment of personal egg preferences and of course, a serve of their chunky chips and we were off.

Inside Sophie's on a sunday Sophie's specials board

Without too much delay and service with a smile, albeit with a slightly harassed smile our coffees and teas were dispensed. Understandably, most of the wait staff were flying around with large plates of food or dispensing child friendly entertainment. On this particular weekend (or perhaps its every weekend?) Sophie's was choc-a-bloc filled with the uber-trendy Chelsea family set, each with their 2.3 kids in tow. Come on a Friday/Saturday night, its filled with beautiful young things, nary a child in sight. So depending on the setting you're after (cool, trendy crowd or relaxed family feel), choose your times carefully.

After an acceptable wait, four English breakfasts arrived onto a very receptive table. The picture speaks for itself - plump sausage, crispy bacon, mushrooms and 2 lovely eggs - a perfect runner's breakfast or much needed hangover cure. And as we were all running the next day, a side order of chunky chips and jacket potatoes (I think we were going a little overboard with the idea of carbs loading for the run!) completed the meal.

English breakfast Chips

So, if you're after a relaxed Sunday brunch that's both child friendly and trendy at the same time or just after a great steak (on previous occasions, The Man has declared the steaks here one of the best both for quality and value for money) head down to Sophie's your place.


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