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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Gordon Ramsay's second series of The F Word is about to hit the small screens again later this year. For those who missed out last season, the F word sees Gordon cook up a storm of delicious treats for his diners in the F word restaurant and raise some very important food and restaurant issues, including double tipping and male fertility (you had to watch it).

The second series of the show is looking for groups of people to unite around the dinner table. The idea is to get various groups (families, friends, social groups, clubs, a house of student nurses etc) to re-unite around the dinner table. This is where the fun part for the participants - Gordon will visit and help you cook a meal. So for all our readers out there who fancy a chance at meeting Gordon (or just fancies Gordon!) and getting a personal cooking lesson, please give a shout to Shelley ( and tell her that the Culinary Hags sent you packing to her.

And if anyone out there does get a chance to meet the fanciable Gordon (well, he is!), drop a few nice things to say about us Hags and send him round our way. We'd love a visit ourselves.



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