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Sunday, April 23, 2006



Have you been into Addie's recently? Wow...what a difference! The whole place has been revamped from a no-frills cafe, into a modern, funky chill-out restaurant/bar. Dark woods replace the pine chairs and table they had before. Spot lights artfully bounce off specially made black and white photography canvases.
Gone are the paper menus. Now they are replaced by funky perspex clad ones.


And have you seen their website? Gosh...didn't know they had one before...but this one is impressive!Clearly no expense has been spared as they aim to attract a larger market, not just the Thais. But they have kept a few things. Their impeccable service, quality of food and most importantly...their prices are the same. Woohoo!

I've written a review on this fantastic restaurant before. Damn is the best Thai is London. We did get the usual heartburn and reflux that always accompanies gluttony at Addie's. Pores open, sweat glands go into hyperactive mode. Enough to raise the hairs on the most follically challenged person.

Hover your cursor over the pics to get there description. All were our usual favs (again, see our previous review). For something new we tried the Yam Neau - Thai style spicy grilled beef salad. A little tough and sour for my liking. But all the rest we heartedly recommend.

Yam Neau - Thai style grilled beef salad

Kho Moo Yang - grilled neck end pork and special sauce

Yam Woonsen - vermicelli spicy salad with pork, prawns and jellies mushroom

Goong Chair Num Pla - raw prawns in fresh chilli, minced garlic and lemon juice

Kaeng Phed Ped Yank - roasted duck with red curry paste and coconut milk

Incidentally came across this website set up by Thais in the UK. Has a comprehensive listing of Thai food in London. Pity there aren't more reviews and recommendations though.



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Oooh...nice. Just looking at the photos make me sweat and hungry...or is it hungry and sweaty?

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