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Saturday, May 20, 2006


There are only two of us. How the hell are we going to review every nook and cranny in London with just the two of us?


1) London is massive
2) We ain’t rich. Eating out constantly will seriously dent our bank accounts
3) Scientific trials have proven that eating consistently good food will morph you into a lard ball.

Fact: Two of Us. Over seven million Londoners.

We are always approached by family and friends who say, “I know this great place, you should put it on your blog…”

If every single Londoner knows of just one great place, one cherished local, one family-run down-to-earth joint serving honest good food…that’s a helluva lot of hot-spots. Combine all of that knowledge in one spot…and voila! We have a community of food lovers sharing their passion for stupendous nosh and slosh.

It also gives our readers a chance to have their say. We Hags might consider a certain place to have the best sushi train in London. If you think, “No way! Those Hags must have asses for tongues! I’ve eaten at that place and I know another place with a much better sushi train!”

Tell us and then we’ll all be able to judge and tell. We encourage healthy debates.

We take our food seriously.

By setting up this food forum we also hope to educate ourselves and others. I know of some people who consider salt and pepper to be exotic spices. I know a lot of people who think that all Chinese food consists of is sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, spring rolls, Peking duck and that they all use copious amounts of gluggy starch, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts in their cooking. Yeech!

I’m probably guilty of stereotyping other ethnicitys’ food. Why is it when we go into a Korean, Greek, Indian etc restaurant and sit next to a family full of Koreans, Greeks, Indians…the food that they order is totally different from what we order? It always looks better and I’m always jealous. It would be nice if I had the balls to ask them what they are eating. Instead I try to subtly crane my neck to glimpse at what we should be ordering…not what I’m used to ordering. Sigh…

So teach us…teach others…spread the word and benefit from other peoples’ experience and backgrounds. When you recommend a place, it would be nice if you could also include the dishes to try (and maybe to avoid).

This will only work if we all contribute. Share your experience's with others and reap the benefits. Click here to visit the forum.



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