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Monday, May 15, 2006



OK. Not quite. But it's a start. Something tangible to stroke our massive egos perhaps?

Am a bit ashamed to admit that I've never heard of BBC's Olive Magazine. But now that they've mentioned us in May's issue...I think I may even subscribe to them!

How did I know we were mentioned even though I've never heard of the magazine? I'm glad you've asked. Slashfood had a mention as well and posted about it on his/her blog. I learnt all about this one month too late and had to order a back issue for £4. Sigh...

Olive has a Blogwatch section in their magazine and we're ecstatic to say we're mentioned in the same breath as some of the all-time greats in the food-blogging world. Becks and Posh, Jamfaced, Nordljust, Baking for Britain and Gastronomy Domine. Way to go guys!

Blogwatch...Our pick of the most funny, opinionated Brit food two food lovers eat out and report in...

This blog was lovingly set up last year in March by The Other Hag and myself. This Labour of Love has really fueled our passion and awareness of good food. Not just the predictable Michelin starred ones. We're more interested in the gems lauded and maybe kept under wraps by locals. Gems which actually have to work harder to earn our patronage as they don't have the fortune of a great location in an expensive suburb or a 'celebrity' chef credited to their name. And let's face it. Real people are interested in affordable, tasty nosh where they can relax in the company of others.

Apart from providing great recipes, Olive seems to tend towards the direction we want to go. Great local delis, Italian hideaways kept under wraps, home-grown producers and restaurants recommended by real people. There's heaps more to Olive and hats off to them for providing a foodie magazine I actually want to read!

I think The Other Hag would agree with me that it is always warming and inspiring to read of other people enjoying and actually reading our blog.

Pssst....don't tell anyone...but it is our ultimate dream to eventually have a book published just like Russell Davies. Double sigh...

Eggs Chips Bacon Beans

Cheers Olive!


Anonymous nicole said...

That's really cool, congrats!

5:02 pm

Blogger Culinary Hag said...

Thanks Nicole...we're chuffed:)

10:06 am


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