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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


115 Dalling Rd, Hammersmith. W6 0ET

Telephone: 020 8748 6174

Nearest Tube: Ravenscourt Park

Website: Thatched House


Thatched House. These two words conjure up powerful images and emotions. Rolling green English fields, medieval children dancing around maypoles, Shakespeare brandishing his quill yet again at Anne, screaming hysterical eccentrics burnt at the stake.

Well. Those are the images it conjures up for me.

You expect something homey. Must have a raging wood-burning fire. None of that poncy gas fake-log malarkey, funks very much.



Thatched House did not disappoint. A place clearly valued by locals. A family place to chat, relax for hours at a time without the threat of drunken football louts threatening the peace with repetitive football chants. (As an aside. I’ve finally figured out why grown men actually make intimate physical contact with each other – some actually assume a humping position – fondle each other’s hair and do on an occasion kiss. Watched Man Utd play Middlesborough at the Old Trafford. Absolutely nothing was scored. What a disappointment. And my first football game too. Looks like scoring a goal is nothing short of a miracle.)

I digress.


Thatched House has it all. Wooden tables and chairs. Candlelight. Genuine roaring wood fire. Tastefully decorated (even down to the wooden very tall cat in one corner - strangely not out of place).


Their main menu borders on normal pub grub (but fancified) aspiring to gastropub status. According to The Other Hag they do pretty good tapas from Monday to Friday, very popular with the office after work crowd. They’re also supposed to be famous for their Sunday Roast. I’ll have to take them up on that claim to fame.

For starters. Leek and potato soup (£4.40) was gorgeous. Thick, flavoursome. Hard to go wrong really. I’ve even made a batch from scratch before. But some cooks ruin it by over seasoning it.

Leek and potato soup

Aubergine stuffed with Mediterranean vegetables topped off with melted mozzarella and accompanied by a generous serve of salad greens. (£8.50) Wunderbar.

aubergine stuffed with med veg, mozarella

salad greens

Pan-fried fillet of sea-bass with asparagus, balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes and sweet roasted artichokes with hot and sour sauce (£11.50). Not to be faulted.

Beer battered cod and chips with salad greens (£9.00) – not the best to be honest. Batter a bit too thick for my liking. Probably the best I’ve had in London was in the Sea Cow (batter as light as tempura and flesh as moist as dewdrops on a garden fairy's bum).


Roast chicken with herb and onion stuffing (£13.50). Holy moly mother of all mothers. This was humungous! Half a chicken was falling off the plate. Even the Bottomless Pit couldn’t finish it. She said it was good but not great though. So at least we have proof that quantity is not better than quality. She recommends The Idle Hour in Putney for the perfect chicken roast. She asked for it to be wrapped up in foil (which they obliged with no fuss or muss) after mumbling some excuse of a fictional pet she had to feed.

roast chicken

New Zealand half shoulder of lamb with mint gravy (£13.50). Pretty succulent and tender on the inside, but disappointed to say it was a tad dry outside. Just pulled itself out of danger from being mistaken as driftwood. Nah that's harsh. Driftwood with a tender interior.

lamb shank

So menu is touch and go. Some shiners and some mixed thumbs up and thumbs down. But if you’re not expecting Michelin you definitely won’t be miffed. If you’re only expecting standard pub grub – then your socks will be rocked!

Will definitely venture there again for a pint and a chat. Will try their interesting daily changing menu again. And will definitely have a go at their Sunday roast. Will let you know.




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