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Monday, September 11, 2006


One might be forgiven in thinking that the two Hags had become trapped under some particularly heavy IKEA furniture (how else do Londoners furnish their homes?), tried desperately to survive on tumbleweeds of dust and then demised leaving a legacy of a food blog that never quite made it.

No quite. Close…but no cigar.

I just received an email today from a cowboy wanting to buy our blog for $20! Preposterous! He did say it wasn’t much but at least it would buy us a couple of beers! Humph! This blog will never be sold dammit!

The last few months….OK, year has brought upon tumultuous change. The Other Hag has been working furiously at her job slurping up all the overtime chi-chiing! I and my hubby have just bought a new place and all the hidden delights that come along with it. My days and nights (IKEA open up till midnight!) have merged into a hunting expedition for the right flooring, the right lights, the right in-built cupboard, the right plumber etc..I won’t bore you.

I know I know, I should be more consumed with taste testing morsels all around London. I do hear ya. But right now I feel I should be delighting you with how to build a wet room, how to deal with dodgy plumbers, how not to erect an IKEA tall cupboard (not laying flat, that’s for sure!).

We are just so TIRED. This project is certainly very time-consuming and draining on the energy stores. I do enjoy it. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Sarah Beeny IS my idol. But I will look forward to the time we can pad around our new flat with its new kitchen and bathroom and refocus on Culinary Hags. (I never thought I would say this…but I am sick to death of Korean instant udon noodles!)

Oh and by the way, we have been getting a number of comments on C & R in Bayswater telling us that a number of you do enjoy the food. I just don’t get it. We ate there 3 weeks ago and it was terrible! The air con blasting didn't help either.

Anyway…won’t promise but we will try to get back to the reviews soon.



Blogger Monkey Gland said...

Come back soon ladies, you've been missed.

2:00 pm

Blogger Tim said...

Looks like you have some great content on this site, and as a new arrival i would love to be using it, but what the hell is with seekmo.
an instaler launches on arrival, and it is very aggresive. try to close it and it re launches, then makes the false claim that you cant access your blog unless you either pay or install it.
verging on malware id say.

its a shame, i liked your blog, ut i wont be coming back.

infact, i just plugged seekmo into google and it is being reported as spyware by most security firms. id seriously rethink your association with them if i were you.

4:03 pm

Blogger Culinary Hag said...

Tim: I have no idea what seekmo is. I've logged onto the website from other computers and have had no problem with access. Also I've checked the template html code for seekmo, and can't find anything. Maybe it's your computer? Does anyone else have the same problem?

10:47 pm

Anonymous gjm44 said...

Yeah, I think Tim's computer must have been hijacked 'cos I've never had that problem when I visit your site... I just re-visited you after a long gap, sounds like you've been very busy - don't worry, i've been trying to restore an old house for the last 6 years!!! (I love IKEA too). I was wondering if you've ever heard of Nyonya in the Notting Hill Gate area? (I haven't been there yet, I only just found out about it today).

12:34 am

Anonymous gjm44 said...

I said "Yeah" but I meant 'No'.

10:22 am

Blogger Culinary Hag said...

Yeah. We have been to Nyonya in Notting Hill. What can I say. They do very poncy style Malaysian food (not the way it should be done) and charge quite high prices for the privilege and ambience. The food itself is alright. Probably above average if you haven't been and eaten in Malaysia. Try it and see if you like it...

1:44 pm


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