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Monday, November 20, 2006

Taiwan Village with the Perth Hag

It's been over 1.5 years since this hag departed London for the shores of Western Australia. After 2 months in South America, I visited the original culinary hags in London. They took me to Taiwan Village.

It was a Saturday night, meeting up with friends for a feast and catch up. I was told to expect lots of food and was overwhelmed even with the warning.

On this cool October night, the walk to the restaurant was as unsafe as the HRM felt the last time. Upon entering the restaurant, the impression of ambience, white tablecloths all confirmed the HRH's initial observations. The only omission was the decorative wooden panels used as partitions.

On a previous visit, the HRH had selected the seafood banquet. So this time we ordered the normal banquet. HRH comments that the difference is not that significant.

Soup was meat ball in a tasty broth served in a bamboo cup. Then the onslaught of entrees arrived. A variety of seafood, meat and the famous beans fried in a light tempura batter. This was a favourite. After about 5 lashings of starters, I was reminded that these were just entress. After a deep sigh and a short break the main courses arrived.

A whole fish, meat and seafood stir fried with vegetables, served with rice. Unfortunately, the dishes tasted quite similar. Towards the end we didn't know whether it was beef, lamb, chicken or pork that we were eating.

Accompanied with a very good white wine it was an enjoyable evening with service at exactly the right time but with swiftness that you hardly notice they're there.

This second visit only confirms the good value, tasty food using fresh ingredients. However, if it's a smorgasbord of flavours that you're after you'll find the chef's menu a bit lacking. Perhaps try the alacarte menu. Must agree with the HRH, it will be a while before the next visit.

Perth Hag.


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Perth hag lives- horray!

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