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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Whenever I write a review, I always worry (the constant worrier that I am) that I was too harsh, too critical, too…judgemental. After all, peoples livelihoods depend on (well not on the Hags reviews) what other people think and publish. Well I worry no more.

Michelle Lovric emailed me about a month ago and sent me a copy of her new book “Carve-Ups”. It is hilarious. I say this without bias, although I did receive a free book out of it.

It isn’t a novel about food. Rather it is a collection of rather imaginative quotes by food critics – unleashed, without an ounce of restraint or civility.

Quotes range from the as early as the 1890’s (and earlier):
Damn to hell both the recipe and the person who wrote it
Pellegrino Artusi on fying salt cod in The Art of Eating Well.

To the more recent (this one makes me laugh as it is one restaurant I am or was contemplating on trying):
The otak-otak, a set fish pate steamed in lime leaves…was as close to a man
should get to sucking a fishmonger’s insole.
Gile Coren on a dish at Awana, London.

Anyway looks like I have to lift my game. This little book does inspire me to conjure up more imaginative ways to say how minging the food or service is.'s little pleasures.



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