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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Imli - Mandarin's Baby Sister

It's the Perth hag again, just a quickie post although this place is worth more than just a brief mention. I shall try to keep it short.

I love Asian food, but if you're ever one to think twice about going because you wished your glad rags didn't smell like Vindaloo while on your way to the poshness of Cafe de Paris or similar, then this is your place.

Located walking distance to Piccadilly Circus but closest to Tottenham Court Road tube, I arrived to be greeted with fresh modern decor, brightly lit with enough mood lighting in the room not to mistake being in a hospital canteen and even at 6.30pm, there were already a few guests dining.

I had found Imli in Toptable. Search criteria being close to West End, open pre-theatre, with good vegetarian selection and the obligatory 'good value'. Having read that this premise was affiliated with Mandarin which I'm told is the only Michelin starred Indian Restaurant. I had the utmost pleasure of dining here several years past when I was still on training wheels when it came to Indian food, I was overwhelmingly compelled to try Imli out.

I was not disappointed. Though we only had under one hour to eat, we opted for the set menu (the 2 for 1 special) at GBP25 plus 12.5% service for 2 persons. We were attentively asked if any of us would like a vegetarian option and one of our party said yes. I was completely confused as to how this was going to work when 1 out of 4 of us dining would be presented with the vegetarian selection and meals were to be shared.

The dishes started coming out in small shapely platters, well presented and indeed with a 1 person portion of vegetarian alternatives of the meat dishes on the menu. The menu included Corianda vadi, Bulgar Bean salad, Tilapia Amritsari, Papdi Chat, Chicken Dhungar, Kheema Mushroom, Goan Pork, Bhaji, Yellow lentils with green chillies and garlic, all served with rice.

After the table was alive with colours and flavours, the staff kindly offered to have our bill ready for our rapid departure.

Quick, tasty, reasonable value with the special (at least on par with your neighbourhood curry house) but smack in town and you don't smell like one afterwards - savings on the cleaning bill)!! Most definitely go again.


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